Game Notes

My You Tube Video Journey

I decided to revisit and complete some youtube video playlists related to game programming. These are my notes I am sharing to enhance each video episode with additional information. The notes probably will not make sense unless you view the video and follow along as I did. The goal was to learn something and see I could add some extra knowledge with these notes.

3D Game Programming Episodes

I started the series located on TheChernoChannel titled 3D Game Programming in Java in 2013. I did not complete the series. I got as far as episode 21 but only documented as far as episode 20. I gave up for several reasons - I was understanding less and less of the code. I peeked at the end and did not feel we were going to get anywhere near a doom like engine. So why return? I wanted to a) finish something b) see if I could augment the material at the end to actually learn how to build a doom-like game engine in Java.

So here we are and I am committing that I will continue until I am done and have a Doom-like game engine in Java.


Last update: 05-06-2017