BrainyCode Philosophy

What happened to this site?!

I (nyguerrillagirl) have been the lead developer for a team within my company since 2013 and have been working quite a bit since on work related stuff and not much on fun related stuff - like making games . I mean every day - weekends too! I only had one day off for the summer and that was labor day! I had the entire month of December off but I actually went online most days except the last week. Tom has been leading the Game Developer's/Design group for Drexel, taking classes and going on interviews.

We are still working on defining the brainycode philosophy but for now it stands for designing/creating games

We are inviting anyone interested in joining this effort to send us mail. What do we have in mind? Well, we would like to start sharing things using free video-conferencing sites. So yes. You will get to meet and talk to us and participate in meetings.

The current projects are the following:

I have decided to try to spend more time on brainycode (3/27/2016) since I have been having fun learning how to use HTML5 Canvas to re-build some retro games. I will return to all incomplete projects and plans.